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Online storage wars

Online storage wars
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Online storage wars

By now, most of us used one of the popular online storage offerings like OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, or maybe lesser-known cloud storage options like Amazon Cloud Drive, SugarSync or SpaceMonkey. There is no shortage of cloud offered storage options free and in a paid-for format.


For an average user the number of choices may feel overwhelming but quick look at both the benefits and the requirements may narrow down available choices very quickly. If you use Windows devices only, the obvious choice would be OneDrive from Microsoft and in the case of the Apple devices; you would most likely consider iCloud first.

However, cloud storage services have multi-platform applications (apps) allowing access from more than one type of the device.


Therefore, what is the cloud offering with best benefits? For $10/moth Microsoft offers their Office 365 for home users (5 devices) with 1TB (1000GB) of cloud storage space (OneDrive) and full Office applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook, Publisher, and Access) at the same price as Dropbox offers their 1TB of storage only. There is a similar offer for business users with a different cloud storage option called OneDrive for Business. The business version of the Office 365 is more expensive but it comes with more value-added services.


One more thing everyone should consider before storing their data in the cloud is what type of data is being copied. For example storing pictures online may be better accommodated by services like Flickr, Picasa or Instagram – depending on your particular preference. Specialized services will offer better web interface and data organization choices than generic cloud storage.