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Time to host your E-mail in the cloud?

Time to host your E-mail in the cloud?
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Time to host your E-mail in the cloud?

It is no secret that business communication relies heavily on electronic mail. Most companies cannot sustain long periods without e-mail services. E-mail server downtime or interruptions can be very disruptive to the operations of any business.

Maintaining e-mail servers on premise can be quite significant in terms of overhead cost. IT administrators spend significant amount of time maintaining e-mail servers. All of these checks and activities are performed just to make sure that the e-mail server is working properly – not to mention space allocation, backing-up mailboxes and the maintenance of the underlying hardware infrastructure. These are all important points taken into serious consideration by a company’s IT department to guarantee that the business is protected in the event of an email server crash.

Maintaining an entire IT infrastructure on premise is a thing of the past. Today, the less hardware you keep on premise, the less you have to maintain, backup and upgrade. And the less you maintain, the more time you can focus on other more important parts of your business. This is one of the main reasons why the businesses are moving to cloud based services. Moving e-mail services to the cloud is a perfect first step in starting with the “cloud exodus.”

E-mail services deployed in the cloud provide the following benefits:
•Elimination of add-on services for e-mails such as anti-spam and archiving. Once the mailboxes are moved to the cloud, all of these issues become irrelevant.
•Cost-effective – No need for hardware, additional servers/services, and maintenance overhead. Once e-mail services move to the cloud, maintenance costs are dramatically reduced.
•Backup and Disaster Recovery – you don’t have to worry anymore about backing-up mailboxes and restoring them in the unfortunate event of a disaster; these functions are facilitated by the cloud based service provider.
•Efficiency of resources – as soon as mailboxes are moved to the cloud, the business can reallocate freed up resources to other IT initiatives critical to business productivity.

At S+C Partners LLP, we recently made the move to the cloud. Our Microsoft Exchange e-mail server has been transferred to the Office 365 cloud. The migration to cloud services was performed in stages. We ran a hybrid setup – on premise and in the cloud – until everything was moved over and synchronized with Office 365. No disruption to service and we now enjoy the benefits highlighted above.

Is it time to move your e-mail services to the cloud?

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